Friday, August 03, 2007

Nothing ceremony

Wednesday, 24 January 2007.

There would be a wonderful and great time for my friends and their parents. However, that was nothing in my head something thought as what my friends had at the time. It was only obviously usual as I do regularly. Special’s nothing. I felt it was still nothing although I would be through the time together with them. It was graduation ceremony for student passed from Letters faculty and also university.

One day before the ceremony I had not prepared anything even for that at all. Clothes, money, which graduated friends generally, must have to make a fun celebration together with all of their closed friends. For me there was not already. The shoes should I have contrary I borrowed it from my friend, the first I knew him when we got same sit on the first class. What a poor I was.

The university invitation should be sent to my parents is still in my hand till now. I did not send it to them yet. So they’re not coming as the others joined the ceremony. I was alone myself. Relatives, closed friends, and others were not here. I did my self. Then I had just felt that I was so lonely to the situation. The ceremony is a faculty’s.

I was exactly not in the university ceremony; even I did sleep in my friend’s board. Yeah, I was. That’s unbelievable graduation ceremony I did.

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