Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Caricature of Franck Ribéry - Karikatur Franck Ribéry

Caricature of Franck Henry Pierre Ribéry, a French international soccer player.

This Tuesday evening, June 17, I have just attended the opening of the PARABOLA Cartoon Exhibition 2014 as a welcome to the World Cup 2014 at Bentara Budaya Jakarta. I met my some cartoonists, caricaturists, artists and friends whom I know nothing so long about them. Some guys asked me which caricature artworks of me on the exhibition. I said I show you nothing. I missed this event. I did not join this event as an artist participant to show the artwork but the instructor and speaker for a caricature workshop on next June 19.

I got a discussion together with two friends of me on night late. I went home and I sketched this artwork as I did the same face, Franck Ribéry, on yesterday night. I sketched another one, then I have three of Franck Ribéry's caricatures. I did this three times as an interesting thing to do. As much as I do exercise and explore the shape of the same person, I am sure it will be good for the next level on how technically understanding of caricature art. More practice, exercise, and explore there will be a good impact then.

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