Sunday, August 14, 2005

My sadness . . . . . .

photographs for TIME by Kemal Jufri/IMAJI
Desperate to get out, the people on this truck waited four hours before their flight to safety began. About 30,000 people were eventually shipped out of Borneo...

Photographs for TIME by Kemal Jufri/IMAJI

Madurese refugees in Sampit rely on small handouts of food donated by private groups. For now, the killings may have halted; yet fear is still very much in the air.


All the photographs below belongs to James Nachtwey.

SoutH AfRiCa 1gg2

SoutH AfRiCa 1gg2

Southern Sudan 1gg3

Southern Sudan 1gg3

photo by James Nachtwey

Zimbabwe, 2000.
In a tuberculosis ward where the great majority of the patients suffer from AIDS

Koso\/o 1ggg

KosoVo 1999

RoMaNia 1ggo

RoMaNia 1ggo

Somalia 1gg2

SomaLia 1gg2

CHeCHNYa 1gg6

CHeCHNYa 1gg6

Czechoslovakia 1gg0

Czechoslovakia 1990

iNd0N3sia 1ggg

Indonesia 1996


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