Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cartoonist Partner died

Asep Hadiansyah.
The man is one of my partner cartoonists.He nicknamed himself as Asep on the newsprinted. His cartoon character is unique, I think.

It was 6:58 pm, april 19th 2008. The news editor came to one of his friend , an illustrator. He asked the partner where Asep is. No one knew where he was. The editor asked his partner, Usman Yulianto to call him since no one handled his jobs at the night. Other partners had their own full duties.

Partner said, "where are you, man?"
He said, "o, ya, I am on my way. I'll be there soon. However, It's raining"
But no one came into office while time got lateness. His partner handled his jobs.

9:30 pm other editor received a call. It's from hospital, hospital of PELNI Petamburan. It's twice call. The hospital informed and asked us whether Asep Hadiansyah works for the daily. The editor got confused because he only knew a cartoonist whose name is asep, he didn't know his full name. The editor confirmed to the cartoonist desk. We nodded of head. An editor and cartoonist went to the hospital. And we finally know that It's his last few words we heard on the phone.

God really loves him than what we do. He takes him.

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  1. semoga almarhum tenang di sana...